Things are looking up for the London Whisky Club. Jason did an absolutely sterling effort in finding us a new venue. The Bottlescrue in St Paul’s. A terrific venue which has a room that is perfect for our needs. Our attendance was nearly the same as the previous week with Jez, Jason, Michael, Conor, Shiv, Frankie and Jason. James sadly couldn’t make it but we had a special guest appearance by Martin from TimeforWhisky who was over from Hong Kong/Australia.

The theme of the night was ‘World Whiskies’ which made for a very interesting evening. The countries that were represented included Australia, America, Switzerland, Wales, India, Taiwan, Spain, Canada, Ireland and Thailand. Here is the list below…

  • Penderyn Myth (Wales)
  • Sangsom (Thailand – Rum)
  • Black Cock (Thailand)
  • DYC 10 (Spain)
  • Teeling 2012 2017 60% (Ireland)
  • Crown Royal (Canada)
  • Paul John Peated 55.5% (India)
  • Amrut Kadhambam 50% (India)
  • Langatun Old Bear Smoky (Switzerland)
  • Starward 10th Anniversary 52% (Australia)
  • Starward New World Projects PX Cask #2 for Vintage Cellars 48% (Australia)
  • Iniquity 46% (Australia)
  • Weller Wheated Bourbon (USA)
  • Nantou Cask Strength Bourbon 2009 2014 57.2% (Taiwan)

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