The 4th meeting took place this Friday and it was another great night. A lighter style was chosen this week, Lowland and Japanese whiskies fitting the bill. Thanks once again to The Bottlescrue for being a great host and looking after us. The food was excellent and would have been worth the cost of attending on it’s own. However when you throw into the mix the number of whiskies sampled, alongside the rarity of some of the whiskies, then it really is a unique club and exceptional value for money. We had two newcomers this month, with Josh and Adrian attending for the first time. It was great to meet them both and we look forward to seeing them again at future meetings. Unfortunately Michael, Shiv and Frankie were unable to attend but will hopefully make it to the next one.

We had a great selection of whiskies to try, everything from a fill your own from Auchentoshan, a bottle of the new summer Daftmill release, to a rare 21 year old blend from three silent distilleries. The full list was as follows:

Ghosted Reserve 21yo (42.8%)

Daftmill 2006 (46%)

Auchentoshan Springwood (40%)

Auchentoshan Three Wood (43%)

Auchentoshan Distillery Cask (Cask Strength)

Ailsa Bay (48.9%)

Hibiki Japanese Harmony (43%)

Kaiyo Japanese Mizuara Oak (53%)

The Chita (43%)

The next meeting will take place on the 19th September 2018. The theme will be independent bottlers and once again food will be provided. The cost is £20 for the evening, if you would like to come along please get in touch via the contact form. Everyone’s welcome, from people just getting into whisky to the full on whisky geek.