The London Whisky Club was founded on 23rd May 2018 by four people brought together by the magical powers of whisky. More than any other drink it seems whisky has this incredible ability to connect people. It sparks conversation, friendships and endless generosity. With a thriving YouTube community well established in 2018, it was becoming usual to see the same people chatting away and commenting during live whisky streams and videos. It became clear that there were enough people with the same common interest (namely drinking whisky), in and around London, to expand on this and do the same thing but in the real world. So it was, the club was born, initially meeting in Putney with an eclectic mix of malts to sample. The emphasis was on meeting people and sharing experiences. That emphasis will continue to lead everything the club does going forward.


The ethos of the club is simple – meet up, share whisky and have a good time. It doesn’t matter whether you bring along a £10 or £100 bottle, whatever you have that may provide an engaging experience to others is valid. If attending an evening where bottles are provided then all you need to bring is yourself and good humour. All our meetings will be organised in a responsible way and drinking to excess is not part of what we’re about. We will always be 100% open and transparent about any costs involved in being a part of the club. Any queries regarding any of these topics can be brought up at a meeting or via the contact form on the website.

How it works and membership

The basic premise is a monthly meet up in London. Most of the time there will be a whisky related theme that will be published, along with the date and time, well in advance on the events page. Once the date is confirmed members can then decide whether they will be able to attend and places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. Generally everyone will try to bring a bottle that fits the theme but we understand that you may not have something that is suitable so if that’s the case it’s fine just to bring anything you’re enjoying at the time. The cost of each meet up is £20 and spaces are limited. Going forward the aim will be to build up a fund so that, instead of everyone bringing a bottle or two, whiskies can be provided on some occasions. Our current venues are The Bottlescrue in St. Paul’s and The Melody Whisky Bar in Hammersmith, London. At every event so far there have been many whiskies to try, many of which would cost hundreds of pounds to buy. We therefore feel that £20 provides good value, allowing people to try a huge variety of exceptional and interesting drams for a fraction of the price of a bar or full bottle purchase. To be sure, all the money taken will go exclusively to club expenses (domain registration, venue hire, etc) and bottles for club evenings.

Members Feedback

Jay Chung